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Street lighting

Why choose LED lighting?

The need for a comprehensive reconstruction of street lighting systems in cities and municipalities occurs due to the reason that nearly 80 % of all currently used street lighting lamps will be "phased out” by 2017, which means they will no longer be available for purchase. Even though the street lighting reconstruction brings a lot of financial benefits (lower electricity costs) in most cases it will entail substantial investments, thus presenting a major problem for many municipalities. Find out more here..

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About the group

Founder of ENBEKON LTD. is VR Enbekon eG, a registered cooperative with the objective of consulting and conception of energy projects. It was founded in May 2009 as an initiative of Cooperative Banks in the Black Forest. In October 2011 the VR Enbekon eG board was transferred from the banking initiative to industrial partners in order to nationally and internationally establish the concept faster.