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About us

ENBEKON d.o.o. is a newly registered company of the eponymous international group specializing in the implementation of energy projects with an exclusive focus on energy efficiency projects in the sector of street lighting. The company offers "turnkey" solutions in partnership with reputable street lighting equipment suppliers and in the short time wants to establish itself as a leading provider of street lighting solutions on a European level.

During the phases of street lighting project design and implementation, technical and commercial experts of ENBEKON, besides a guaranteed return on investment that is realized through realized savings after the implementation of the project, provide a complete solution that includes:

project analysis and on-site advisory
detailed specification of all services that are to be implemented
planning and system design in relation to local circumstances and needs
providing all necessary documentation for successful project implementation
financing of the street lighting project
carrying out of the energy efficiency street lightning project
measurements and verification of savings
maintenance of the street lighting project

Our mission

The mission of ENBEKON is to ensure rational use of energy and improvement of the street lighting via the model of complete takeover of all financial and technical risks in order to help the local and regional governments to achieve savings in installation and maintenance of street lighting. This is especially true in the field of electricity consumption, but also to achieve a higher degree of energy efficiency and greater levels of care for the environment.

Our vision

The vision of ENBEKON is to become a European leader in the implementation of energy efficiency projects and a key financial and technical reference point for European cities that want fast, high-quality and reliable street lighting refurbishment.

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About the group

Founder of ENBEKON LTD. is VR Enbekon eG, a registered cooperative with the objective of consulting and conception of energy projects. It was founded in May 2009 as an initiative of Cooperative Banks in the Black Forest. In October 2011 the VR Enbekon eG board was transferred from the banking initiative to industrial partners in order to nationally and internationally establish the concept faster.