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LED lighting

The need for a comprehensive reconstruction of street lighting systems in cities and municipalities occurs due to the reason that nearly 80 % of all currently used street lighting lamps will be "phased out” by 2017, which means they will no longer be available for purchase. Even though the street lighting reconstruction brings a lot of financial benefits (lower electricity costs) in most cases it will entail substantial investments, thus presenting a major problem for many municipalities.

Street lighting, although an important contributor to traffic and public safety, requires a substantial amount of electricity and money. For municipalities with older, inefficient systems, street lighting can account for up to 30% of their total electricity consumption. With the usage of LED technology, it is possible to achieve a great energy and cost savings potential in public lighting systems.

This high efficiency potential was recognised by European policies, leading to phasing out requirements (between 2010 and 2017) for many inefficient and non-ecological lamp types used in street lighting applications. In line with the EC 245/2009 Regulation, certain product groups will no longer be purchasable on the EU market. These product groups encompass nearly 80 % of all street light lamps currently in operation, including High-pressure sodium vapour (NaVT) and High-pressure mercury discharge (VTFE) lamps.

In 2011 the Republic of Croatia passed the Light Pollution Protection Act (NN 114/2011) which regulates the principles of protection, operators that carry out the protection, procedures of establishing light management standards aimed at reducing electricity consumption, obligatory lighting types, measures of excessive illumination protection, restrictions and prohibitions related to light pollution, responsibility of manufacturers of illumination products and other questions.

LED technology for street lighting offers high savings with comparatively short pay-back times. LED technology has been developing very rapidly over the past years and becoming more cost-effective and energy-efficient. The cost reduction potential of 40-60%, provides an economically very interesting option for street lighting refurbishment and justifies the high initial investment cost aimed toward the modernisation of street lighting systems.

Some of the advantages of LED technology are: high energy efficiency (more than 100 lm/W), low maintenance costs, no UV and IR radiation, ability to choose colour temperature (hot/cold; from 3000 K to 5000 K), possibility of precise light guidance on a surface that is to be enlightening (elimination of light pollution), high possibility of output light flow regulation and achievement of additional energy savings (operational and consumption management) and long service life (50,000 to 100,000 hours or 12 to 24 years).

Reaping the benefits of efficient street lighting by using the LED technology requires substantial upfront investments, a major barrier for most cities and municipalities. ENBEKON provides a functioning and trust-worthy financing model envisaged to help cities and municipalities overcome this barrier and succeed in carrying out refurbishment projects without additional budget expenditures.

The annual energy and maintenance cost savings are used to cover the investment and capital costs of ENBEKON. After full repayment of the investment through energy savings and contract expiry, the city or municipality continue to reap the project benefits via continued money and energy savings.

A - before the project implementation (high energy costs)
B - after the project implementation - payback period (reduced costs and achieved savings that are used to repay the investment)
C - after the project implementation - the time after the return on investment (reduced energy costs and long-term financial savings)

The ENBEKON financing advantage, in relation to the street lighting reconstruction with budgetary funds (individual reconstruction implementation carried out by the city or municipality) lies in the fact that ENBEKON provides a complete "turnkey" solution that includes: preparation of project documentation, equipment supply and installation, maintenance or technical support for the existing public lighting operator, guaranteed energy and cost savings, as well as guaranteed functional operation (fixing of any defects or malfunctions) for the duration of the contract.

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About the group

Founder of ENBEKON LTD. is VR Enbekon eG, a registered cooperative with the objective of consulting and conception of energy projects. It was founded in May 2009 as an initiative of Cooperative Banks in the Black Forest. In October 2011 the VR Enbekon eG board was transferred from the banking initiative to industrial partners in order to nationally and internationally establish the concept faster.